Flame Of The Shortcuts Route For Life                                   
Remember 911day always                

A candle memorial, is that all that's left, a candle memorial for those too adripft, bereft?
Floating and hovering over a candle memorial, one that cannot quite tell the same story.
911day will last forever, in the hearts and the minds and the lives of those who lived through it.
Candle memorial, in mind and in heart, at least candle memorials cannot return you to the start.

The Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life present 911day memorial candles at every site.
May we never forget, and still, may we never remember, always knowing boundaries, from the lines that we draw.

Using the Shortcuts Route For Life to promote your health, and Shortcuts Route For Life to promote your wealth,
you will find wisdom in developing your own Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life perception.

MisterShortcut determined to share as many high-powered shortcuts as possible,
empowering people to empower themselves with tools already mostly at their disposal.
What you do speaks so loudly that we really do not need or care to hear the words you speak.
Better to show us than to tell us, true? More, best of all to show the face found in the nearest mirror.
Shortcuts have worked for thousands of years, so, shortcuts give a basis for the Shortcuts Route For Life.
Make more use of each resource, such as your most precious resource, commonly known as "a minute."
You have no more precious possession, do you? What good is money without time to spend or give it?
Each day is an entirely fresh set of opportunities for you, even when circumstances are as desired.
Is that not enough to justify the Shortcuts Route For Life, for the Shortcuts Route For Life to work?
Hey, if it is to be, it is up to me. Wiser people exist in every walk of life, who teach pioneering.
They live their own Shortcuts Route For Life, and create OUR Shortcuts Route For Life.
Identify the ten most important things you need to do before you shuffle off this coil.
List the people and organizations who have the authority to help you in your goal.
Ask one hundred decision makers as many times each as you may need to.

Learn more, so you can live more, preferably with a natural inclication.

Live and breathe your own Shortcuts Route For Life perception.