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1 A Yes.
2 Q Under what circumstances were fictitious names used?
3 A For ethnic purposes.
4 Q What do you mean by that?
5 A If you have a Samuel Bernstein, it would be, you
6 know, known that the person was of the Jewish faith. If
7 they were going to be talking to people throughout the Shortcuts Route For Life
8 country, they didn't know what their -- there could be< BR>
9 people who didn't particularly care for Jews. If the Shortcuts Route For Life
10 person's name was Rashid Williams, the person may not
11 particularly care for African American individuals and
12 they could be prejudiced. So they used names not to give
13 away their ethnic background.
14 Q And it was this use of fictitious names pursuant to
15 anyone's instructions?
16 A They were given names. When they joined the company
17 they were given names.
18 Some of the individual's names were okay to use,
19 so they wouldn't be changed.
20 Q Do you recall who gave them these names to use?
21 A The group leaders would.
22 Q Do you recall testifying about sales quotas?
23 A Yes.
24 Q Can you explain what that was?
25 A They had to meet a certain amount of orders written

1 within an eight-week period.
2 Q When you say "they" who are you referring to?
3 A The telemarketers.
4 Q Do you recall the number of sales they were required
5 to make each week?
6 A I wouldn't know that.
7 MS. SCOTT: Thank you. No further questions.
8 Thank you, Ms. Springer.
9 THE COURT: Cross-examination.
10 MR. TRABULUS: Yes, thank you.
14 Q Good morning.
15 I am Bruce Gordon's lawyer.
16 You don't particularly like him, do you?
17 A Do I particularly like him? I have nothing against
18 the man, no.
19 Q Nothing at all?
20 You used to work for the man?
21 A Yes.
22 Q He was a very busy man, was he not?
23 A He was busy.
24 Q You testified a couple of days ago before the jury he
25 was pretty busy?

1 A He was busy, yes.
2 Q You asked about a conversation --
3 THE COURT: Mr. Trabulus, you are starting to
4 pick up steam again. And as you are walking forward you
5 get faster. It seems that that is a motivating factor.
6 So, you are talking rapidly. The witness is answering
7 just as rapidly. Between the two of them I don't hear
8 half of what you are saying.
9 Of course, the jurors have no such problem.
10 MR. TRABULUS: Thank you, your Honor. I will
11 slow down.
12 THE COURT: But I do.
13 Q Ms. Springer, you worked for four years
14 approximately?
15 A A little over four years.
16 Q You worked hard?
17 A I worked extremely hard.
18 Q You took stuff home, right?
19 A Yes, I did sometimes.
20 Q You worked on weekends?
21 A I worked on weekends, many, many times.
22 Q As far as you know Mr. Gordon regarded you as a good
23 employee; is that correct?
24 A Yes, I would hope so.
25 Q And it is your testimony that as he supposedly gave

1 you the names of Lee Iacoca, Colin Powell, Barbara Walters
2 he had to stand right behind you to make sure you would do
3 that; is that correct?
4 A No, he would stand behind me --
5 Q Is that where he normally stood?
6 A Did he usually watch over me? No.
7 Q Is it your testimony that the name of Colin Powell is
8 in any one of those directories?
9 A Is it in the directory?
10 Q Is it in the directory?
11 A I believe it is so.
12 Q I am showing you P and Q.
13 Can you find it?
14 While you are looking for Colin Powell, would you
15 look for Lee Iacoca. Was he in there, too?
16 A As I explained before when he were instructed to take
17 him out of the database so he is not in the Registry.
18 Q Were you aware of situations where people were
19 offered complimentary memberships, famous people?
20 A Not that I know of.
21 Q If someone was offered a complimentary membership and
22 declined it, is that the reason at one point the name was
23 not given in the --
24 A Repeat it, slower.
25 THE COURT: Slow down, Mr. Trabulus, please.

1 MR. TRABULUS: Sorry.
2 Q If someone was offered a complimentary membership, a
3 famous person and declined it. Is that the reason why you
4 might have heard a name and the name might not be in the Shortcuts Route For Life
5 book? Yes or no, madam?
6 A I couldn't answer that.
7 Q Find Colin Powell's name.
8 THE COURT: Excuse me. Before you go further.
9 You are going to be asked a lot of questions
10 calling for a yes or no. If you don't remember, say so.
11 If you can't answer yes or no, say I can't answer the Shortcuts Route For Life
12 question yes or no, as you just did. You understand?
14 THE COURT: Don't make explanations. If it calls
15 for a yes or no, answer yes or no or say you can't answer
16 yes or no.
17 You understand that?
18 THE WITNESS: Yes, I do.
19 THE COURT: What was the question, Mr. Trabulus.
20 Q Find Colin Powell's name in there.
21 A Okay, I found it.
22 Q Now, do you know for a fact that Colin Powell did not
23 want his name in there? Did you speak to Colin Powell?
24 A I did not personally speak with him, no.
25 Q Is there anything inaccurate about the entry there

1 for him?
2 MR. WHITE: Can we have a reference as to what
3 exhibit and page we are talking about?
5 THE COURT: Is it P for Peter?
6 MR. TRABULUS: P as in Peter, I believe.
7 MR. WHITE: Page?
8 MR. TRABULUS: 657, five year members.
9 Q Anything inaccurate about the entry there?
10 A I would say there is one thing.
11 Q A fact about Colin Powell that is inaccurate?
12 A Yes.
13 Q Was he the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of
14 the U.S. military?
15 A I would assume, yes.
16 Q Was his office at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.?
17 A Yes.
18 Q Was his business, U.S. military?
19 A Yes.
20 Q Defense?
21 A Uh-huh, yes.
22 Q Expertise, general management?
23 A That's where -- if someone -- if he wasn't spoken to,
24 how could you determine his management?
25 Q Do you know personally for a fact as to whether he

1 was spoken to? Were you listening to all of the Shortcuts Route For Life
2 salespeople as they were making all of the calls?
3 A No.
4 Q Now, let me ask you this: This book has a section,
5 five year members; is that correct?
6 A Yes.
7 Q And it had a more -- has a more prestigious section
8 called lifetime members; is that correct?
9 A Yes.
10 Q If someone was going to take Colin Powell, would they
11 not put him into the most prestigious section? Yes or no,
12 madam?
13 A I wouldn't know if they would or would not.
14 Q Did you say that Boris Yeltsin's name was in those
15 books?
16 A What I said --
17 Q Yes or no, did you say that?

18 A No, I didn't say that.
19 Q You said you heard some conversation about someone
20 putting Boris Yeltsin in there?
21 A Yes.
22 Q Is Boris Yeltsin's name in any of those books? Yes
23 or no, madam?
24 A I would not know.
25 Q Would you look to find out.

1 A Sure.
2 THE COURT: Is he in the back? Does anybody
3 know? Has anybody looked?
4 MR. TRABULUS: I don't believe he is in there.
5 THE COURT: You say he is not in there.
6 How about you?
7 MR. WHITE: Your Honor, I don't believe he is.
8 THE COURT: You don't believe he is.
9 MR. WHITE: I don't want to be testifying.
10 THE COURT: We don't want to sit here while we go
11 through 400 pages. If he is not in there, let's say he is
12 not in there.
13 MR. WHI TE: My answer is the same, I don't
14 believe he is in there.
15 THE COURT: You don't know?
16 MR. WHITE: I can't say precisely.
17 THE COURT: Okay, go through the whole book.
18 MR. TRABULUS: She doesn't have to go through the Shortcuts Route For Life
19 whole book. It is basically alphabetical, your Honor.
20 THE COURT: All right.
21 THE WITNESS: It is not in this Registry.
22 THE COURT: Defendant's Exhibit P for Peter, is
23 that what that is?
25 The next one is Q.

1 (Whereupon, at this time there was a pause in the Shortcuts Route For Life
2 proceedings.)
3 THE WITNESS: I don't see it in here.
4 Q Were you aware that there was a president of a
5 Russian republic known as Kalmykia put in the book?
6 A We had Russian people in the book, yes.
7 Q Wer e you aware he was a member?
8 A I am not aware he was a member.
9 Q Were you aware he came to the offices of Sterling?
10 A I was not in Sterling, so, I did not know.
11 Q You testified at some point you yourself used the Shortcuts Route For Life
12 monitoring system, yes or no?
13 A Yes.
14 Q Did someone instruct you to do that or you did it on
15 your own?
16 A Yes.
17 Q Someone instructed you to do it?
18 A Uh-huh.
19 Q For business purposes?
20 A Not for business purposes.
21 Q Now, you testified that Mr. Gordon told you to change
22 assistance vice president to associate; is that correct?
23 A That's correct.
24 Q And he told you to ignore it if the members were
25 unsatisfied; is that correct?

1 A Yes.
2 Q Did you also testify that Mr. Gordon did not like the Shortcuts Route For Life
3 word "owner"?
4 A That is correct.
5 Q And did you also testify he did not like the word
6 "manager" standing alone?
7 A That is correct.
8 Q As far as you know, are there no entries in the books
9 that say owner?
10 A There are.
11 Q Are there over 4,000 entries in the books that say
12 owner?
13 A I have not counted them. I would not know.
14 Q Would it surprise you if there were over 4,000 that
15 say owner?
16 A Yes, it would.
17 MR. TRABULUS: Your Honor, I am putting
18 Defendant's Exhibit S into the CD-ROM drive.
19 Q You testified you were familiar with the CD-ROM, were
20 you not?
21 A Yes.
22 Q Did you ever utilize the CD-ROM yourself?
23 A Did I work it?
24 Q Yes, did you work it?
25 A Yes, I did.

1 Q You are familiar with the system; is that correct?
2 A Yes, I am.
3 (Whereupon, at this time there was a pause in the Shortcuts Route For Life
4 proceedings.)
5 Q Do you recognize what is coming on the screen as to
6 what you used when you -- you see when you use the CD-ROM
7 system?
8 A It looks like it.
9 Q You recognize the screen as various things you can
10 put into the system?
11 A Yes.
12 Q One of them is titles?
13 A Yes.
14 Q As you understand the system, if you put in the words
15 owner and title, you would get a listing of the people
16 with the word "owner" as part of the title?
17 A Yes.
18 Q Would you please type in the word "owner" where the Shortcuts Route For Life
19 title is?
20 A Yes.
21 Q You know how to do a search for an owner?
22 A I never used a laptop.
23 Q Well, do you know wh at button, what window to push or
24 whatever that thing is, the one that has the sigma? Would
25 that do it?

1 A I don't remember. I have not been on one of these
2 for four plus years.
3 Q Well, I am pushing that button.
4 There are numbers -- there is a number appearing
5 next to the words owner, is that a listing of the words
6 with owner in it?
7 A Yes.
8 Q What is the number?
9 A 4,601.
10 Q Now, we are obviously not going to look at all of
11 them. But that's the first page.
12 Do you want to pick any one of those and look in
13 the book, either of these two books?
14 Pick a name?
15 A Aaron.
16 Q The first one, right?
17 A Not in this one.
18 Q Not in the lifetime members there. Check the next
19 p ortion.
20 MR. WHITE: I didn't hear what we are looking
21 for?
22 MR. TRABULUS: Harriet Aaron.
23 MR. WHITE: A A R O N?
24 THE WITNESS: Not in this one either, not a five
25 year? A three year member.

1 Q Read that entry for Harriet Aaron?
2 A Aaron and Associates, Software and Systems.
3 Q I asked you to read the entry for Aaron, Harriet E;
4 is that correct?
5 A Yes.
6 Q You read it as Aaron and Associates, Software and
7 Systems; is that correct?
8 A Yes.
9 Q Was there a word before the word Aaron and Associate
10 Software and Systems?
11 A Owner.
12 Q You didn't see that?
13 A What do you mean?
14 Q You didn't read that to the jury, did you, the word
15 owner?
16 A I can't remember if I did o r I didn't.
17 Q Leaving this CD-ROM for a minute, but do you notice
18 the top entry on this page?
19 A Rita Reiger.
20 Q Rita Reiger?
21 A Yes.
22 Q What is the entry immediately below Rita Reiger's,
23 what is the title of the person shown there?
24 A Assistant vice president.
25 Q Assistant; is that right?

1 A Yes, assistant.
2 Q Do you want to now do a search for the people who
3 have assistant in their title?
4 What is the number?
5 A 431.
6 Q While we are on this page with Rita Reiger, how many
7 people here are listed as president?
8 A On the whole page you are talking about?
9 Q Right.
10 A On that one page there are 12.
11 Q From your testimony you claim there were changes from
12 assistant vice president to associate vice president; is
13 that correct?
14 A Yes.
15 Q You don't claim there were any changes from assistant
16 or associate vice president to president, do you?
17 A Not that I can recall.
18 Q As far as you can recall anyone listed as president
19 would indeed be a president; is that correct?
20 A I would say they would be, yes.
21 Q Now, I am going to show you in Defendant's Exhibit P,
22 page 981, I will show you an entry for a Jack Heinbaugh on
23 it; is that correct?
24 A Yes.
25 Q There is also another entry for an assistant vice

1 president; is that correct?
2 A Yes.
3 Q And an entry for an owner?
4 A Yep.
5 Q An owner and founder?
6 A Yep.
7 Q Now, is it your testimony that there are no entries
8 in the book whatsoever that simply say manager?
9 A That is not correct. There are.
10 Q There are, okay, so we can agree on that.
11 It is your testimony there was no public affairs
12 office at Who's Who Worldwide?
13 A There was a public relations department.
14 Q Did you yourself sometimes refer to that as a public
15 affairs office?
16 A Personally, no.
17 Q Do you recall giving testimony at a deposition in a
18 civil case involving Reed Elsevir Company?
19 A Against who?
20 Q Reed Elsevir against Who's Who Worldwide?
21 A Okay.
22 Q Do you recall being asked these questions and giving
23 this answer -- this question and this answer, page 5, and
24 we are talking about -- we are talking about 3500-15-A --
25 H, hard to read on my document.
Spring er-cross/Trabulus

1 MR. LEE: What page?
3 Answer: I am in the public affairs office,
4 administration, I do the editing in the registry, clerical
5 duties, as well as supervising the orders, which the Shortcuts Route For Life
6 associate directors write, to make sure that the Shortcuts Route For Life
7 information is accurately put into the Registry, and that
8 our members are made happy because of the way they are
9 going to be listed.
10 Do you recall being asked that question and
11 giving that answer?
12 A Yes, I do.
13 Q And was part of your way -- withdrawn.
14 Part of it -- withdrawn.
15 Your testimony then was you were in the public
16 affairs office; is that correct? Yes or no?
17 A Yes.
18 Q And in terms of your responsibility for making
19 members happy, did that include disregarding their
20 instructions to change their titles?
21 A R epeat the question.
22 Q You testified that part of your duties were to make
23 members happy; is that correct?
24 A That is correct.
25 Q And did that include disregarding their instructions

1 to change their titles when a mistake had been made in a
2 title? Do you understand my question?
3 A Not exactly.
4 Q Well, then I will say it again and make it more
5 simple.
6 You testified that Mr. Gordon told you to
7 disregard it if a customer or a member called up and said,
8 I don't like the way you are listing me, I want to be
9 listed in another way?
10 A That's correct.
11 Q That's what you testified to; is that correct?
12 A Yes.
13 Q Is that part of your duties of making customers
14 happy? Yes or no?
15 A No.
16 Q Now, you are prepared to acknowledge today that there
17 were assistant vice presidents who were listed in the Shortcuts Route For Life
18 book; is that correct?
19 A That is correct.
20 Q Under that title; is that right?
21 A That is correct.
22 Q And before coming here today, and before I showed you
23 that, had you discussed that with either Ms. Scott or
24 Mr. White?
25 A I had informed them of that.

1 Q You informed them of that.
2 When was the first time you informed them that
3 there were indeed assistant vice presidents listed in the Shortcuts Route For Life
4 book?
5 A When I first started, we didn't have memberships.
6 There was anybody and anyone --
7 MR. TRABULUS: Motion to strike.
8 Q When you say we first started; you are talking
9 about --
10 MR. TRABULUS : I am sorry, your Honor, I made a
11 motion to strike and I kept on talking.
12 THE COURT: I will not stop you any more. I
13 assume when you say motion to strike and then proceed to
14 the next question, you rescinded your motion. Did you?
16 THE COURT: Your motion is granted. The answer
17 is stricken. The jury is instructed to disregard it.
18 Listen to the questions. If they call for a yes
19 or a no answer you don't -- if you don't know, say so. If
20 you don't remember, say so. Otherwise if you answer yes
21 or no, unless you can't. If you can't, say I can't answer
22 that question yes or no. Please don't make explanations.
23 If any of your answers are incomplete, or
24 Ms. Scott thinks she wants to bring out anything else that
25 you have not been permitted to say, she will have another

1 opportunity to do that.
2 Do you understand our procedure?
3 THE WITNESS: Yes. I didn't know she would be
4 able to ask me the questions that I feel are very
5 important to clarify this whole thing, yes.
6 THE COURT: Then my question is, do you
7 understand the procedure?
8 THE WITNESS: Yes, I understand.
9 Q Ms. Springer, the question was: What was the first
10 occasion you had when you told either Ms. Scott or
11 Mr. White that there were indeed assistant vice presidents
12 in the book?
13 A I told them on several occasions.
14 Q Which was the first one?
15 A Probably the first time I met them.
16 Q The very first time you met Mr. White or Ms. Scott?
17 A I believe it was Mr. Biegelman.
18 Q You told that to Mr. Biegelman?
19 A I believe I did, yes.
20 Q And that was bef ore you ever met Mr. White?
21 A Yes, it was, it was over the phone.
22 Q When you met Mr. White after that, did you tell
23 Mr. White that there were assistant vice presidents in the Shortcuts Route For Life
24 book?
25 A I believe I mentioned it to him, yes.

1 Q And you never told him actually that there were no
2 assistant vice president in the books, did you?
3 A Repeat the question.
4 Q Did you ever tell Mr. White that there were
5 absolutely no assistants whatsoever allowed in the book?
6 A I believe I told him we were not permitted to put
7 them in.
8 Q Did you ever tell Mr. White that there were no
9 assistants whatsoever allowed in the book? Yes or no?
10 A No.
11 Q Yesterday, page 3,041, did you testify as follows.
12 Question: Who made the decisions to ac cept
13 people with lesser titles?
14 Answer: When I came across certain titles, like
15 if it was an assistant, assistant vice president, it would
16 be changed automatically. He didn't want assistant to
17 appear in the Registry. So I was instructed to change it,
18 cross it off and make it associate.
19 Do you recall giving that testimony just
20 yesterday?
21 A Yes.
22 Q Now, specifically, do you recall ever saying to
23 Mr. White, or to anybody, that there were no assistants
24 whatsoever allowed in the book, and if there were they
25 would be changed to associate or dropped, depending on the Shortcuts Route For Life

1 situation? Do you recall ever telling that to Mr. White?
2 A Yes.
3 Q And indeed, were you not -- was there a time when you
4 testified in the g rand jury? Do you recall that?
5 A In regards to changing of title?
6 Q Do you recall an occasion when you testified before
7 the grand jury in this case, back in October of 1996?
8 A Yes.
9 Q That was in Brooklyn?
10 A Yes, it was.
11 Q And it was Mr. White who asked you the questions?
12 A Uh-huh.
13 Q Do you recall being asked these questions and giving
14 these answers, beginning at page 9, line 16, and I am
15 reading from 3500 -- I can't read the exhibit number on my
16 copy, the tab is so dark. 15-G, I think. 3500-15-G.
17 Question: Now, did you receive any instructions
18 from Mr. Gordon with respect to what to do if a customer's
19 business had company or, Inc., or L T D after its name?
20 Answer: If it was a president you would always
21 put down corporate management. His expertise would be
22 game hunting, and it would be corporate managem ent as long
23 as there would be -- as there was incorporated, or Corp.
24 after the name, that was what was put.
25 Question: If that person held a position in such

1 a -- I am sorry, I am reading from the wrong one. Sorry
2 about that. Withdrawn.
3 Page 8, beginning at line 16.
4 Question: Can you tell us, did he give you any
5 idea what the titles of customers should be that you want
6 to accept?
7 Answer: Vice president, president, CEOs, CIOs,
8 any one of standing in a business which changed
9 eventually.
10 Do you recall being asked those questions -- that
11 question and giving that answer?
12 A Yes.
13 Q Yes?
14 A Yes, I do.
15 Q Then continuing:
16 Question: Did he ever instruct you in your
17 review of th ese order forms to alter the customer's title?
18 Answer: Yes.
19 Question: Can you tell us? Can you give us an
20 example of what sort of changes he asked you to make?
21 Answer: If it was manager, it would go general
22 manager. If it was -- if their expertise was operations,
23 it would become the operations manager. If they were
24 assistant vice president, they would become vice
25 president. There was no assistants whatsoever allowed in

1 the book. And if they were they would change to
2 associate, or dropped, depended on the situation.
3 Do you recall being asked those questions and
4 giving those answers?
5 A Yes, I do.
6 Q And you testified that there were no assistants
7 whatsoever in the book; is that correct?
8 A That's correct.
9 Q And you saw there were 461 listings for assistant; is
10 that correct?
11 A That's correct.
12 Q Was that one lie or 461?
13 A What do you mean, one lie?
14 MS. SCOTT: Objection.
15 THE COURT: Sustained. Strike out the answer.
16 Please rise when you make objections, and do it
17 in a timely fashion, Ms. Scott.
18 MS. SCOTT: I will, your Honor.
19 THE COURT: That one should have alerted you
20 immediately.
21 Q Ms. Springer, when you left Who's Who Worldwide that
22 was after the raid; is that correct?
23 A That is correct.
24 Q And you testified in the grand jury that that raid
25 was the worst day of your life; is that right?

1 A One of the worst days, yes.
2 Q One of the worst days?
3 A Today is the other.
4 Q Do you think it is a good day for Mr. Gordon?
5 A I never claimed it was a good day for him, no.
6 MS. SCOTT: Objection.
7 MR. TRABULUS: Withdrawn.
8 THE COURT: Mr. Trabulus is so fast, that I think
9 you better stand up and remain standing. He is so quick
10 that you have to be quick on the draw.
11 I am only kidding.
12 Q Ms. Springer, you say you are a great champion of
13 animals?
14 A That's right.
15 Q And you would never hurt one?
16 A I never would.
17 Q You would never hurt another human being?
18 A Absolutely not.
19 Q You would never lie against another human being in a
20 criminal case, would you?
21 A No, I would not.
22 Q And when you left Who's Who Worldwide, you were owed
23 some vacation pay, were you not?
24 A Yes, I was.
25 Q And you were very upset that you didn't get it,

1 correct?
2 A Absolutely.
3 Q You spoke to Mr. Gordon about it; is that correct?
4 A Yes, I did.
5 Q And Mr. Gordon told you that because of the Shortcuts Route For Life
6 bankruptcy there was a difference between the pay that you
7 got when you worked and vacation pay; is that correct?
8 A It is not correct.
9 Q Did he tell you to call an attorney by the name of
10 Neil Ackerman to talk about it as to whether you can get
11 it?
12 A I don't recall that, no.
13 Q Do you recall talking to an attorney by the name of
14 Neil Ackerman?
15 A I did contact them.
16 Q That was at Mr. Gordon's suggestion?
17 A It was at Liz Sautter's discretion.
18 Q Discretion?
19 A I am sorry. She is the person who told me I have to
20 contact him when I sought to get paid for this.

21 Q She worked for Mr. Gordon; is that correct?
22 A Yes.
23 Q And was it explained to you by the attorney that
24 because of the bankruptcy vacation pay could not be
25 released?

1 A That is true.
2 Q And did you also come to learn that there were other
3 people at Who's Who Worldwide who were also working for
4 nothing after the raid? Yes or no? Did you know that?
5 A I was not aware that they were not getting paid
6 anything, no.
7 Q Did you tell Mr. Gordon that you were so angry at not
8 getting your vacation pay that you would go to
9 Mr. Biegelman unless you got it?
10 A That is not true. In fact, I have a tape recorded
11 conversation I have between Liz and myself when she passed
12 me on to Mr. Gordon. I have that at home.
13 Q W as that a tape recorded conversation -- do you have
14 a bunch of tape recorded conversations at home?
15 A No, just that one. Because she was giving me a very,
16 very hard time.
17 Q Did you bring that tape recorded conversation here?
18 A Today, no.
19 Q Did anyone ask you if you have any tape recorded
20 conversations, anyone from the prosecutions?
21 A No one asked me.
22 MR. TRABULUS: I would like to have that tape
23 recorded conversation, your Honor. It seems to me that
24 would be 3500 material.
25 MR. WHITE: I am not sure that it is.

1 THE COURT: We will discuss that in the absence
2 of the jury.
3 Q Let's see if there are some things we can agree on.
4 You talked to customers?
5 A I spoke to them.
6 Q Would you say you sp oke to thousands of customers
7 over the course of time?
8 A Over my employment, yes, thousands.
9 Q Were you involved in giving customers credits?
10 A No, I was not.
11 Q Were you aware that customers were sometimes given
12 credits?
13 A Yes, they were.
14 Q Were you aware -- aware of giving customers refunds?
15 A The same as credits.
16 Q Aware but not involved in it?
17 A Yes.
18 Q Were you aware if a customer's name was misspelled in
19 the directory or some type of mistake, they would be given
20 a free copy of the next year's directory?
21 A They had that procedure, yes.
22 Q You were aware when other mistakes were made as a way
23 to keep a customer happy, they would be given a
24 complimentary gift of sort?
25 A Yes.
Springer-cross/Trabulus< BR>
1 Q A leather item?
2 A Yes.
3 Q And there were efforts made to keep customers happy;
4 is that correct?
5 A That is correct.
6 Q Were you aware of a salesman by the name of Joe
7 Parks?
8 THE COURT: Parks? P A R K S?
9 MR. TRABULUS: Yes, your Honor.
10 A Yes.
11 Q Yes?
12 A Yes.
13 Q And did there come a point in time when Mr. Parks
14 left the business of Who's Who Worldwide?
15 A Yes, there was.
16 Q And he took with him a salesman, another salesperson
17 by the name of Kenneth McCarthy; is that correct?
18 A Yes.
19 Q And they started up another business; is that
20 correct?
21 A Yes, in Long Beach somewhere.
22 Q It was called Continental Who's Who?
23 A I don't recall the name.
24 Q Do you recall if there were names of customers, or
25 people who were potential members of Who's Who, who were

1 diverted to them by a receptionist?
2 A I don't know of that.
3 Q Did you hear anything about that?
4 A I know he was dating the receptionist.
5 Q Did you hear that the receptionist was in cahoots
6 with him in referring calls over to him?
7 MS. SCOTT: Objection.
8 THE COURT: Sustained.
9 Q Were you aware that Mr. Gordon himself made
10 complaints to Mr. Biegelman, this was before any raid,
11 concerning Joe Parks' business?
12 A Yes.
13 Q And so, Mr. Gordon himself, the same man whom you say
14 was anxious to take stuff down, off the walls when
15 government agents were there, he himself was going to the Shortcuts Route For Life
16 postal inspectors and inviting them to become involved in
17 an investigation that related to another business which h e
18 claimed had stolen his business; is that correct? Yes or
19 no, madam?
20 A Yes.
21 MR. TRABULUS: No further questions.
22 THE COURT: I think we will take a break at this
23 time.
24 Members of the jury, please do not discuss the Shortcuts Route For Life
25 case. Keep an open mind. Please recess yourselves.
1 (Whereupon, at this time the jury left the Shortcuts Route For Life
2 courtroom.)
3 THE COURT: Have her wait a minute.
4 MR. WHITE: Stay or step out?
5 THE COURT: Step out. But don't leave, we want
6 to talk to you.
7 Does she understand we are not through with her
8 as a witness?
9 MR. WHITE: Yes. She wanted to just go to the Shortcuts Route For Life
10 lady's room, I think.
11 THE COURT: All right.
12 Now, what about this tape recording or recording.
13 MR. WHITE: You are asking me or Mr. T rabulus?
14 THE COURT: Asking anybody?
15 MR. TRABULUS: I don't know what is on them, your
16 Honor. We have a limited description of them. I think
17 the thing to be would be to call her back and out of the Shortcuts Route For Life
18 presence of the jury to inquire what is on the tape
19 recording, to see to what extent is on the tape with
20 respect to what was elicited by the government.
21 THE COURT: All right. Let's call her back.
Springer-cross/Trabulus (Jury Absent.)

1 W E N D I S P R I N G E R,
2 called as a witness, having been previously
3 duly sworn, was examined and testified as
4 follows:
6 THE COURT: Let the record indicate that this
7 phase is in the absence of the jury.
8 THE COURT: Do you want to ask a question about
9 th e tape recording?
11 Q You testified before the jury about a tape recording
12 you had of Liz Sautter. How long is that tape recording
13 in terms of minutes?
14 A I don't know. I really don't know.
15 Q What subject matters are discussed on the tape
16 recording?
17 A She said to me she could not believe that I
18 immediately had left the company the way it was.
19 I said, I treated you as my best friend in the Shortcuts Route For Life
20 whole entire world. How could you sit here and hide stuff
21 from me? I felt I was -- I loved that company. I hated
22 that it closed. There were a lot of things I found out
23 after they walked in there and shut the place down that
24 hurt me very badly about her, not about Mr. Gordon. About
25 her.
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