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The Shortcuts Route For Life Does Have Your Answers - especially on getting rich!

Today, getting rich is becoming so easy that even doubting Thomases are fading away.
With so many different ways of getting rich, and access to a hundred times the resources,
getting rich in skill or love, getting rich in fame or money, or various combinations thereof,
is now the province of all who can access what used to be unimaginable resources.
Happier news yet: getting rich is easiest when you use money you already have!.

How To Get Rich Using Money Now Spent On National Advertising Campaigns

Even if you could twist logic so severely as to convince people that the individual citizen will be harmed if nationally-based advertising collapsed in America, an even stronger case exists to prove that the individual citizen will enjoy a substantial increase in both spendable income and long-term savings, as well as providing their children with superior education.

For those who require translation, you will get rich and richer when you stop purchasing items that cost you more than triple what they cost the manufacturer. It's one of the easiest equations you can think of working on, because you do not need to be a highly skilled comparison shopper to do this.

The only caveat is that this powerful trick is almost perfectly useless with people who do not like themselves, or generally hold a poor opinion of themselves.

People who like themselves, and what they do on a daily basis, have a markedly reduced need to impress others. Often, you will hear someone, perhaps yourself, saying, "I didn't buy this to impress anyone; I bought it to impress myself." That's one of the most repeated lies you or I will ever hear. Perhaps the comment was, "I don't care what other people think; I got this just for me." Again, a whopper.

People who like themselves have a unique commonality. Among those masters and millionaires and champions who live in a way that we can admire, not overly driven at the expense of others, or incessantly focusing on the bottom line because they genuinely believe that the number of dollars you accumulate somehow connects with your happiness. Having enjoyed so many different levels of life, suffering a few, there is no question in my mind pertaining to need and comfort. Beyond the basics, and an occasional luxury, the rest is dressing meant to cover up shortages.

If you eat a plate of food that has little or no nutrition in it, your brain is notified that insufficient nutrients have been put into the body. So, the brain releases the chemical that indicates hunger to you. When scientists stimulate the gland that produces that chemical, people who just ate a full meal are instantly ravenous, and have no problem socking away even more food, whether the first meal was nutritional or not. When we eat a meal lacking in nutrition, the body craves more, and will continue to do so, until you provide the body with enough to fulfill its requirements. Considering the number of chemicals that are pumped into food specifically to stimulate your hunger, you assure the company of repeat business.

The psyche is very similar. When inadequate nutrition is put in, the identical result is assured. An often rapacious appetite is the result. Whether it's food or "bling-bling," the ostentatious display of braggadocio's excesses, money or sex, those who are not getting enough are on the constant lookout for the next "fix" that will assuage the hunger. It's one of the single most common traits to every discipline of thinking ever generated by man, from ancient cultures to the present. It applies to every need a human has. When you don't have enough, you want more.

When you pay a celebrity businessman thirty and forty times the value of a sweatshirt or similar simple garment just because it has his name or a fictitious name on it, you enrich someone who could care less about you while very identifiably stealing from your own physical comforts, the education of your children, The general provision of your family's needs. It's a five-dollar sweatshirt. Why do you believe that people will be impressed that you were stupid enough to pay a hundred and fifty dollars? Please do not insult our intelligence by trying to claim that the garment is a higher quality, because we'll accurse you of being out of your mind or financially vested in a company that actually charges ten and twenty and thirty and forty times the actual value of something.

Two of the universal shortcuts that stimulate or create sea change in your life instantly, with both instant benefits and many long-term repeat benefits. Are those not sufficient reasons for you to wake up and smell some instant coffee?

1) Stop buying nationally advertised brands and those brands that are sold by celebrities. If Puff Doody is such a good singer, he's unlikely to be a great tailor. Take a pass on the shirts he has made for less than a dollar and then charges you forty dollars for. Stop being foolish, you look silly wearing someone else's name tag on your jacket.

2) Immediately and every day of your life invest one percent of your time - fourteen minutes and forty seconds, finding ways - that do not cost money - to enjoy ten or so minutes with either yourself or someone else, doing SOMETHING that has meaning. Anything at all. As long as it has some useful meaning for you or your family or your neighbors or the local schoolkids or retirement home or saving a fat whale.

This creates three separate conditions described elsewhere in the Shortcuts Route For Life that cause your income to go up. Since you've demonstrated such a remarkably depressed intelligence by paying even as little as five times the actual value of so many products, no time is wasted here explaining the tripartite or trifurcated -- three branched - set of financial benefits you gain from this activity. For those who are not at the peak of their personal lives; for those who are hungry for the best inside of them to be brought out, never mind what the reasoning and underlying logic are. Sorry, but you have shown no inclination or training to understand more advanced thoughts.

Please do not promote the perception of your stupidity by thinking that you're being insulted, because you're not. You're being forcefully reminded that if you knew better, you'd be doing it better. If you can read at high-speed, with great comprehension of precepts and concepts, great. Study the five larger schools of psychology, train yourself extensively in both psychological and financial ramifications of philanthropy and you can return here with as little or as much inclination to close your mouth and open your eyes and ears to powerful information that is assured of boosting your income and quality of life.

You are likely to arrive at the point where you laugh, perhaps immodestly, as you realize that you can continue eating equal or higher quality food than you're eating now, dress just as warmly and enjoy as many movies and songs and whatever else you're into, for approximately eighty percent less than you're now spending. How could you NOT crack up laughing when you finally "get it," that you've been victimized literally thousands of times by advertisers who, let's face it, have proat they're smarter than you. Even if they're NOT smarter than you, they continue to prove that they're smarter than you, by selling you, say, ten cents' worth of cereal for up to five dollar per box. They do so, of course, with multi-million dollar advertising, which YOU then pay for with ever-higher prices. How dopey can you be? Let's increase your intelligence, help you to literally and measurably become smarter with tiny little steps that put cash in your pocket and multiply your wealth rapidly.

Let's touch on any of a thousand, yes, a thousand different ways you're getting scammed and killed and denuded of your hard-earned dollars by deception and fraud.

Other than vegetarians, who doesn't love a good char-broiled burger at BK, or its fried cousin at McD's or Wendy's or any other fast food place? Eating such things once, twice, three times per year, while hardly supportive of your body's needs, can be so delicious and satisfying. It's when you go beyond this line of occasionality, as we like to say here, that you demonstrate such poor thinking. Did you know, for example, what the reasonable life expectancy is for someone who eats only MacDonald's or Burger King or KFC after just one hundred days of this restricted diet?

The life expectancy of any human who eats ONLY such fast food for a hundred days is zero.

That's right, zero. It's an alternative way of presenting the firmly held opinion based on our observable facts that have occurred thus far that no human can survive a hundred days of eating only fast food. In truth, you're likely to be hospitalized in very poor condition long before the hundred days expired, perhaps as little as a few weeks. Fast food restaurants are in business to make money, not to provide you with nutritious food. Those claiming otherwise are clearly lying to you, and they know that they're lying to you. One of many proofs of this is your silly belief that food companies have to list their ingredients on the label, or that fast food chains have to provide you with accurate info about their products. That's very funny, and in the next minute, . we get to finally see you agreeing that you're nowhere near as smart as you thought. Your ability T his is the one and only possible way that we humans ever get smarter, because we're acknowledging a problem that we need to fix.

Some facts of life are more difficult to absorb than others. Perhaps you might benefit from sitting down in order to take this in slowly. By law, thanks to your comprehensively purchasable ladies and gents of Congress, there are now FIFTEEN THOUSAND chemicals that do not have to be listed in food ingredients. Since these chemicals are not food, there is no need to include them on the package. You think that's a joke, don't you? Young friend, you've been had, in ways you haven't even guessed at yet. It is quite true, however, and the list of chemicals exempt from inclusion requirements continues to grow each and every single month of the year.

Many of these chemicals have only one of two primary purposes. Either they stimulate your hunger to push you into greater and greater consumption, or the specifically and intentionally stop the body from processing the nutrients in the food because, as covered earlier, food that does deliver nutrition is considered not to be present at all, requiring an additional infusion of food or perhaps garbage to try and satiate the body's nutritional desires and requirements.

Every single one of these fifteen thousand-plus chemicals are dangerous to your body. Not a one of them is natural, so it is neither reasonable nor feasible to exempt or exonerate any one of these fifteen thousand chemicals from the list of substances that should never, ever be introduced into the human body.

So, whether you have paid, up until today, many times the value of an item just because it's promoted by a famous person, or drink Pepsi because your favorite basketball player urges you to do so when he or she is paid enough for that dubious privilege, you're demonstrating a gaping stupidity that the Shortcuts Route For Life seeks to fix.

Whether you're eating real vegetables, or hyper-sprayed garbage that just clogs you up further; whether you believe that more people will be anxious to sleep with you as a result of your new car, you are continually allowing large companies with huge advertising budgets to provide pretty solid evidence that they are, indeed, much smarter than you. How sad that they not only encourage and induce you to act like an idiot, they get you to defend their position in hope of your looking less foolish. Have you figured out yet that your approach is not working? Do you realize that you're not getting benefit anywhere near as much as these advertisers are convincing you that you're receiving?

There are very, very few products that are better at the upper end of the price scale, in terms of consumer products that do go a fair distance to making life easier and most palatable. Some generic, no-name products are inferior. Trial and error quickly establishes that for you, and you can move on to the next trial of a product or service. At least eight of every ten items that you buy, sometimes more than that, are close to identical in quality throughout the range of prices you can avail yourself of. That means that you can buy at least eight of every ten items and services you buy for considerably less money. This instantly puts so much more cash in your pocket that you'll be better equipped to start thinking about how to take those few dollars here and few dollars there, and multiplying them up into real and lasting financial wealth. This alone will put many tens of thousands of your dollars back into your pocket, if not more.

In sum, finding more activities that bring out your value as a human being drives you to consume far less, because when you obtain more nutrition - whether it's digestive nutrition, financially nutritive states, or emotional nutrition, do not depart from this minute in time without a better understanding that the more good nutrition you pump in, the less "additional" you will need. This is so powerful, so universal, that it extends to every human factor; even sleep! The higher the quality of your sleep, the lower your sleep requirement is. Did you know, for example, that laying on your back, even if it drives you crazy at first, that sleeping on your back, with your neck and only your neck slightly elevated, tends to radically alter your life? That's right. Once you get used to sleeping on your back, which can take a week or more, you find yourself awakening more refreshed, more energetic, more well-rested and ready to rock and roll. So, too, with nationally-advertised brands: the less you use, the more you have, and the less you need.

Put them all together, and you've got another winning formula for advancing your success and health, promoting your Longevity and comfort, and, best of all, we take comfort, secure comfort in the probabilities of success, since these winning techniques are the precise shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

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Getting Rich With The Shortcuts Route For Life
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Getting rich financially is one way of getting rich, not the only way.

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The better you get at something, the richer you're getting in personal content. The world has a habit of beating a path to the door of those who are, personally and otherwise, getting richer by BEING richer in their conduct.

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