Welcome to the most empowering website in the universe, with Mr_Shortcut

Reach for the best in you, by starting today.
Asking more from yourself in any effort leads to higher expectations.
Higher expectation repeatedly leads to higher productivity.   Yes, for you, too.
   IF you believe in yourself and your potential just one-tenth as much as Mr-Shortcut does,
 you're already committed to making today more of a life worth living, and enjoying.
The Shortcuts Route For Life believes you can give one more percent,
achieving more in the next 100 days than in all your life combined.
When winners dream with deadlines, life changes.
Each day has 1,440 opportunities for excellence.
Welcome to the Shortcuts Route For Life ,
where defined mastery is yours,
free for your life and beyond,
because you're worth it.

A Taste of RingWaves Pleasure

RingWaves left and RingWaves right
deciding the future of RingWaves light?
RingWaves up and RingWaves down,
let's take a RingWaves with us on the town.
RingWaves and more, EyeCandy to the core,
your RingWaves exists to keep you seeking more.
You can teach with a slap, you can teach with a smile,
teaching with a RingWaves helps pass the while.

Not quite so dry, as teaching might be,
RingWaves just might make more of us see.
There is always another and newer way,
and so the RingWaves is brought to you on this very day.
Learn more to live more and then you shall give more,
or so MisterShortcut taught.
Learn from the mouth of the horse or else,
at the wrong end might get caught.
Enjoy the RingWaves capital of the world.

Designed to help you to help yourself... with great shortcuts.

Let the RingWaves guide you into the Shortcuts Route For Life .
This is, without a doubt, the most self-empowering journey of a lifetime.
That's because the Shortcuts Route For Life is already inside of you,
just waiting for you to LIVE the Shortcuts Route For Life approach.
You are the reason this is the RingWaves Capital of the world.

Is The Shortcuts Route For Life Worth YOUR time?
You certainly CAN use your tools more, those you already know how to use.
Efficiency is always relative to something else, a measure by which we count.
Count the number of your 1,440 daily minutes that you operate in your highest gears.
Tickle your Shortcuts Route For Life awake, because your life is flashing past a high speed.
Every day, 1,400 minutes are sucked away from the average lifetime total of 38,000,000. Whew!
When you consider that, thanks to stupid decisions repeated endlessly, the last 20 years really suck.
Pain, pills, symptoms, doctors, waiting rooms, waiting, waiting, waiting to die, rather than living fully.
When you engage the Shortcuts Route For Life to live stronger for longer imitating those who do,
your engagement of the Shortcuts Route For Life enjoys a stronger, deeper bond, profitably.
All that you that you say, and all that you do, show us all we really need to know of you.
What you do speaks so loudly there's no need to flap your lips at us. We hear you.
Accept this Shortcuts Route For Life invitation to pretend you are at world-class.
Whatever you do in the next hundred minutes of your life, do with excellence.
You never really know how profoundly life changes, in as little as a moment.
Never, NEVER complain to those who cannot help you to fix the problem.
Reserve your time, energy, and thinking, for decisions-makers who can.

With love from the Godfather of Shortcuts.

If you supposed that shortcuts are what the Shortcuts Route For Life is about,
you'd be taking a shortcut right there, because until this sentence, it's all been supposition.
If you DID suppose that we'll be using the word shortcuts and the actual shortcuts to present them,
these much-mentioned shortcuts, then you would also have been engaging in the use of shortcuts.
You see, you made a judgement prior to having all the facts. Never mind whether you are correct,
consider momentarily using shortcuts such as pre-judgment or pre-assessment,
for more important things within and without your life. Sound okay so far?

The objective is to see if we can use the word "shortcuts" seven percent of the page.
Disjointed idea, isn't it? Provided you maintain both relevancy AND seven percent ratio,
you can choose any word you like in your language and place it atop the search engines.
Engaging potent shortcuts to do this is so well-served by finding who repeatedly does it best.
Follow the rules; just use them far more than anyone around you as your approach.
You'll find yourself zooming up the listings. Shortcuts like this are really great.
Shortcuts yield time to find even more shortcuts, and if we can't find them,
well, freedom of choice means freedom to create new shortcuts, too.
The Godfather of Shortcuts invites you into your shortcuts site,
The Shortcuts Route For Life , free for your life.

Shortcuts for this and many shortcuts for those,
the aroma of shortcuts is like a sweet rose.
Filling and teasing, giddy and heady,
all the result of a scent,
Knowing that shortcuts are always ready
the gift that is purely Heaven-sent.
Shortcuts work because shortcuts work,
and the underlying why is secondary.
Maximize using your shortcuts
use your great shortcuts,
and most things work out just fine.

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As a child, you knew the techniques of the Shortcuts Route For Life , or most of them.
You knew how to ask more people more times each until you got that ice cream.
You knew to try one more time and one more time to guarantee your success.
Walking, talking, learning to tie your shoelaces - are all tremendous goals.
You did not give up on these goals... their fruit did not give up on you.
Live out your own sense of the Shortcuts Route For Life , NOW.
The results are nearly as fast as the efforts that produce them.
Love the Shortcuts Route For Life in every possible way,
because the Shortcuts Route For Life loves you.

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This is a central function of the Shortcuts Route For Life .   What goes around...

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