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Fibromyalgia, trigger points, subluxations and rigor mortis

        As we age, calcium accumulates in the soft tissue.  As a matter of fact, the age of an organism can be determined by the amount of this pathological calcification of the soft tissues. In muscles cells, calcium is the trigger for contraction.  As calcium enters the cell, the muscle cell contracts, and then as it is pumped out again, the muscle relaxes.  If the pathological calcium in a cell reaches a certain point, and the cell is no longer able to remove it, then the muscle cell will stay in a contracted position indefinitely.  This is the definition of a trigger point, a pathologically contracted group of muscle cells that cannot release.  As we age, our muscles become tighter and tighter with more trigger points becoming evident.  These trigger points can also pull the vertebra out of alignment causing subluxations and compression of the spinal nerves.  Fibromyalgia is the pathological accumulation of trigger points in a person whose age does not justify the calcification.   Rigor mortis is the ultimate expression of this muscle contraction.  As all ATP production stops in the cells at death, calcium floods into all the muscle cells and causes global contractions.

    Various mechanisms of how this happens have been proposed.  Some claim that the kidney's inability to effectively remove phosphorous from the bloodstream results in a accumulation of acidic phosphorous in the cells.  The body then imports calcium into the cell to maintain a proper ph.  The beneficial results with Guanifenesin support this claim. 

    Some suggest that magnesium deficiency lowers ATP production so that the cells cannot rid themselves of the calcium that naturally enters the cell due to concentration gradients (1:10,000)    

    Others suggest infections as a cause.  Certain infections cause hypercoagulation which decreases local circulation, thereby lowering local oxygen levels.  Lower oxygen levels decreases ATP production and ATP is required to operate the pumps which keep calcium from accumulating in the cell.   

    Regardless of the initial cause of Fibromyalgia, the calcium must be removed to effect a recovery.  For this reason, EDTA chelation is an option since it is able to chelate pathological calcium out of the body.

    The 3 potential causes of Fibromyalgia may also be addressed with chelation

1) Phosphorous accumulation due to kidney insufficiency:

     EDTA chelation has been shown to have a normalizing effect on kidney function bringing low creatine levels up and high creatine levels down.  This information can be found in the following study: "The effect of EDTA chelation plus supportive multivitamin/trace mineral supplementation upon renal function.  A study in serum creatine. E. W. McDonagh, D.O." 

   Also, the increase of metabolic potassium in magnesium di-potassium EDTA helps displace cellular phosphorous.

2) Low ATP production due to low magnesium levels:

    Magnesium is a difficult mineral to absorb and not commonly found in adequate amounts in the standard American diet.   If magnesium based EDTA is used, then magnesium levels can be restored.

3) Hypercoagulation due to infection:

   Chelation is known to reduce hypercoagulation due to its stimulating effects on prostacyclin and it's inhibitory effects on thromboxane (the hormones which control the blood clotting cascade).

   Thus magnesium based chelation not only addresses the manifestations of fibromyalgia (the calcifications) but also the potential causes of it.

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