Iatrogenia is not the sole province or concern of the The Shortcuts Route For Life
In fact, the Shortcuts Route For Life exists in great part BECAUSE of iatrogenia

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Yes, there ARE great, wonderful noble doctors!
The Shortcuts Route For Life realizes that, with social pressures mounting,
more and more doctors are concerned with their toys and luxury homes,
stock portfolios and vacations, et alia, ad nauseum ad infinitum, frankly,
which RAISES the value of those doctors who are not meretricious.
Only five in twenty doctors are proving to be true servants,
those who are truly devoted to the healing arts of life.
When you do find one of those FIVE-PERCENTERS,
that's right, they now number about one in twenty,
it is useful to your health and the health of those you love,
to embrace such angels of mercy closely to your family with celerity.
Please. DO NOT BE FOOLED by kindly and politic bedside manners.
That is not how you determine who a good doctor is, not anymore, at any rate.
Too many Americans are so profoundly stupid: they mistake good manners for quality.
If your doctor is driving a luxury car or lives in a rich neighborhood, the fact is clearly displayed:
YOUR doctor cares more for money and luxury than for service and nobility of lifestyle and intent.
If you think that wealth is an indicator of someone being a "good doctor," there is no hope,
not for you, at any rate, because wealth is an indicator that they are great salespeople.
Please don't fall for such salesmen; they belong in the merchant class, not the medical one.
Along with looking at your doctor's lifestyle, look at your doctor's approach... and results.
Does your doctor first prescribe pharmaceuticals... or simpler, healthier remedies?
Those doctors who reach too quickly for prescription drugs should be avoided,
because four thousand people PER WEEK die in the U.S.A. alone from drugs,
NOT from the sickness that brought them to the doctor.
Read from Lancet, NEJM, reports from NIH and CDC,
and others which detail the facts of iatrogenia.
Reach for the front-page story of JAMA, from Aug, 2000, I believe it was,
where eis organ of a very suspect organization admits to over 100K deaths,
because if you don't believe that your life and the lives of your children depend on this,
you actually double your chances of being one of the FOUR THOUSAND people,
so sorry, four thousand people who will die this week alone from doctor or hospital error.

Learning more in order to live more, reducing iatrogenia,
with just a bit of help from the Shortcuts Route For Life .

Designed and developed with great love for your mostly-untapped inner potential.
There is greatness in you. Our job here is to help bring it out.
The Shortcuts Route For Life is your gift from the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the best,
and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here. The Shortcuts Route For Life is free for your life,
as long as we keep you here by reducing iatrogenia.

Reducing Iatrogenia - with the Shortcuts Route For Life (or without!) because it's up to you.
The Shortcuts Route For Life pursues a reduction of iatrogenia, and a boosting of those noble doctors,
about five percent of all medical doctors, who care more for healing and helping than personal wealth.
Whether or not the Shortcuts Route For Life is your healthiest website is subject to your opinion.
What is NOT subject to opinion is the number of iatrogenic deaths - iatrogenia being "death by doctor,"
which means "given to the patient by the doctor" as a result of either negligence or error.
In all fairness, it must be said that hospital policies drive up those iatrogenic deaths,
THOUSANDS of additional iatrogenic deaths every single week that passes by,
just from the greed or at best, stupidity of, greedy boards of directors.
You personally can reduce iatrogenic deaths simply by learning more,
and, of course, learning how to stay out of the hospital at all!
That's just not as difficult as many of us seem to believe.
Whatever your health challenges are, pick up a book,
go on the internet, open up an encyclopedia,
and learn more so you can live more,
thus reducing iatrogenia by one.

Welcome to the Shortcuts Route For Life , committed and dedicated to reducing iatrogenia,
because most folks haven't got a clue that iatrogenia is the third-largest cause of death in our country.

It that's not worth repeating, what is? Iatrogenia is the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. today.

MisterShortcut determined to share as many high-powered shortcuts as possible,
empowering people to empower themselves with tools already mostly at their disposal.
What you do speaks so loudly that we really do not need or care to hear the words you speak.
Better to show us than to tell us, true? More, best of all to show the face found in the nearest mirror.
Shortcuts have worked for thousands of years, so, shortcuts give a basis for the Shortcuts Route For Life.
Make more use of each resource, such as your most precious resource, commonly known as "a minute."
You have no more precious possession, do you? What good is money without time to spend or give it?
Each day is an entirely fresh set of opportunities for you, even when circumstances are as desired.
Is that not enough to justify the Shortcuts Route For Life, for the Shortcuts Route For Life to work?
Hey, if it is to be, it is up to me. Wiser people exist in every walk of life, who teach pioneering.
They live their own Shortcuts Route For Life, and create OUR Shortcuts Route For Life.
Identify the ten most important things you need to do before you shuffle off this coil.
List the people and organizations who have the authority to help you in your goal.
Ask one hundred decision makers as many times each as you may need to.

Learn more, so you can live more, preferably with a natural inclication.

Live and breathe your own Shortcuts Route For Life perception.